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Gain Knowledge. Get Connections.

Accelerate Your Business.

Mech Accelerator San Francisco is currently not accepting applications.  Please click the notify button below to be put on our Mech notify list for updates.

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Mech Accelerator San Francisco is now closed.

Intimate live event, networking with successful founders and a focus on profitability

Ready to create a new startup or take your business to the next level?  Mech Accelerator is a brand new accelerator program developed to help digital businesses quickly scale with a 3 month long program that includes a special hands-on live event, weekly phone calls, webinars and all the connections you will need to succeed. 
Unlike seed accelerators and incubators, founders who are accepted into Mech Accelerator will not have to give up a piece of their company.  They will stay 100% owners.


The San Francisco Event

It all starts with an intense 2 day training event held in a secret location within San Francisco Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th.  Here you will meet with Trey Smith and other founders who have been accepted into the Mech Acceleration program. 
This event will be much more personal and more hands-on than a typical business conference.  

Live Event

This 2 day event taught by Mech Acclerator founder, Trey Smith, will be very intensive and designed to start you on the right path

Weekly Phone Calls

Talk with our coaches and other founders once a month during the accelerator program to constantly improve your business

Urgent Business Support

Get email access to the Mech Accelerator team forever.  We're here to help you with the big decisions from getting started to exiting

The Mech Manual

All Mech Accelerator founders receive a hardcopy of 150+ page Mech Manual that keeps your startup consistently on track

Each month you'll talk about your business live with Trey, our coaches and the other founders via online meetings

Monthly Live Session

All Founders Are Equal

Unlike other accelerators, we're not looking for "Unicorns".  We give equal attention to all businesses at every stage.

Mech Accelerator is currently accepting a limited amount of applications




(Game Academy, Buildbox, Kayabit)

Mech Accelerator Is Currently Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application process work?

When will I receive a reply?

Will there be recordings of the live event?

No, while we don't mind our founders taking notes, there will not be any recordings and all live attendees will need to sign NDAs.

We ask that each applicant give us 3 business days to review and make a decision regarding your application, but we are typically much faster!

Once you pay the $997 application fee, we will automatically send you an application with nine questions about you and your business experience.

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What types of businesses will be accepted?

Any business that sells or works with a digital medium (apps, games, kindle publishing, software, saas, websites, social networks, etc) will be considered.  We will only accept people we think our mentors can help.

What if I haven't started a business?

Anyone at any stage will be reviewed.  While we don't require anyone to have previous experience or a current company, we do look for direction and leadership skills in the interview.  If you already have a business, that is of course welcome as well.

How we communicate with mentors?

During the initial three month period we'll have weekly group phone calls with mentors and monthly live webinar sessions with Trey.  We also have a founder portal that you can use to talk with specific mentors and gain advice into your business.

Mech Accelerator is a live program and the first event is kicking off in San Francisco.  We're currently not accepting applications to this charter Mech Accelerator program.
If you would like to be notified of any future events we hold, then please enter your email below to join the notify list:

3 Month Accelerator Program

For 3 months you'll be talking weekly on the phone with our mentors and joining Trey monthly for live online meetings to discuss the current state of your business and learn what to focus on next. While the core accelerator program is 3 months, there is no true end-date.  You'll be discussing your business with other founders and forging relationships forever.


Unlimited Introductions

When you join Mech Accelerator, our network is your network.  
Want our VIP connection at Odesk that posts your jobs for you?
Need to talk with someone high-up at Yahoo to purchase ads directly?  Want to write a book and need a top tier best selling agent?  Done, done and done.   Tell us what you need, we've been there and we're ready to help.

Connections That Matter

Profit Focused

The Forever Group

It's not over after the 3 month accelerator program ends.  You'll be in constant contact with the rest of the group via Skype.

Our core focus is to scale your company the old fashioned way by scaling with profit through our specific campaigns

It's not what you know, it's who you know, and with Mech Accelerator you now know everyone

We Don't Own You

Any Type of Business

The Business VIP

When you join Mech Accelerator, you join the business elite and have all the tools you need at your disposal

From mobile game companies to information products, any digital business will be considered 

Because we don't take a percentage of your company, we don't have a vested interest in making you exit early


“We're extremely excited to officially launch Mech Accelerator.  I can't wait to personally work with new founders to help scale and grow their companies.”




Erwin Felicilda


(RhinoMob, Partender, Grooveshark)



(Bromoco, Zynga)



(Game Academy, Buildbox, Kayabit)



(Game Academy, Apptopia, Appsfire)

Access To Industry Experts

Need an introduction to someone in the game industry?  Curious what cost per click you should choose on your Facebook Ad campaign? Our expert mentors are the best in the field and are on call to help your business.  It doesn't matter if you need startup, technical game or traffic help, we've got your back.